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The use of Consumer Reports Magazine started long before e-commerce and the Internet became popular. It served the critical purpose of providing service or product ratings against important elements of dependability, affordability, quality and reliance on warranties granted. As customers become more dependent on e-commerce in their shopping, a lot of websites have been established to review the quality of products or services that consumers access online through consumer reviews. More service and product review information is increasingly being made available by consumers through social media platforms. This feedback is critical in empowering shoppers to make informed buying choices.

Consumers of Writing Services

There is a lot of pressure that comes with schooling these days. Students are forced to work and study at the same time to get academic certificates. This pushes them to enlist the services of writing companies to assist them prepare essays, academic papers or reviews. While such a move is meant to relieve them of the stress of writing such assignments themselves, they often face the challenge of identifying writing services that offer quality services because consumer reports with information on the best writing services are not available.

The Need to Review Writing Services

Review of writing services is critical because there are many companies out there offering low quality writing services and everyday students are risking with their academic dreams by giving them work. Such companies use unqualified staff who only know how to spin content or plagiarize it then present it to innocent customers and computer programs for checking plagiarism have done little to stop them. At, we want stop this kind of exploitation in the writing industry. We want to minimize this risk that students expose themselves to by providing them with information that they can use to identify good, credible writing companies.

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The Review Process

Our work in the review process is to compile the individual feedback that customers provide to writing customers into categories that can help shape the expectations of students seeking writing services. We use customer reviews to generate a list of qualities that students wish writing companies could display and use that list to rate the services offered by different writing companies. We then rank the writing companies based on their performance on the rating scale so that those with high ratings appear on the top and those with low ratings appear at the bottom. Customer reviews for each company are also included in our reports for students to see.

The Ranking Process

Essay writing companies are ranked on the basis of qualities that students rate as important in their reviews. Such include:

  1. High quality work output that requires no editing

  2. Dependable companies that can be trusted to submit work on time

  3. Reasonable costing of services

  4. Effectiveness of customer service

Extra Resources

We provide our visitors with extra resources such as videos of top writing companies that show how their processes work and links to the websites below.